Looking Towards the Future of Localization

Webinar originally aired on Wednesday, June 17th

An interview with Paula Shannon

Join Paula Shannon, Lilt's sales strategy leader, for a webinar on the future of the localization industry.

In this webinar, Paula will discuss:

  • How she has seen the industry change over the last decade
  • Why she joined Lilt after decades at traditional LSPs
  • Why she's excited about this new and different approach to localization
  • What she sees as the future of the industry.

AI-powered technology

Lilt’s AI works alongside human translators, driving higher translation quality, faster turnaround times, and a more affordable cost,

World's best translators

Our translators have helped some of the greatest companies in the world break into new markets, and they have expertise in a variety of industries

Enterprise-grade service

Our dedicated services team has worked with everyone from startups to the Fortune 500, ensuring their evolving localization needs are met.

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