Federal News Network: Building a Foundation for Your AI Future  

In the era of artificial intelligence, government agencies realize that humans alone cannot keep pace with technological innovation and the sheer volume of data available globally. As a result, they are strategically planning and developing roadmaps for the expansion of AI, thinking critically about how to implement technology while protecting the data that is critical for mission success. Download the latest Federal News Network eBook to gain insights on AI strategy and key use cases from the Intelligence Community, Department of State, Department of Treasury, and more.  

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What will you learn?

In the latest issue of the Federal News Network eBook, you will hear from agency officials about how they are crafting their AI strategy to maintain strategic advantage while ensuring data security. You will also hear about specific high-impact government use cases across government agencies and learn about state-of-the-art AI technologies, like LILT.


Key Takeaways


Agencies need to adopt an AI strategy now

Given rapid data growth, strategic government offices are already seeing benefits from their AI strategy.


Government workflows are enhanced by AI

LILT ensures the volume of foreign language material does not outpace government linguist capabilities.


AI increases productivity

AI eliminates manual redundancies, empowering government specialists to focus on work that leverages their unique skillsets.