Social Media Loves a Fail, The CEO doesn't

Expanding a business internationally is a vital growth strategy.

The highest quality is important, because the stakes are too high.  But so is getting to the customer as fast as possible.  Rush the project and you might end up the laughing stock in your new target market.

That's a key reason to hire Lilt.  We provide translation services that are several times faster than human only translation services, and still can avoid unacceptable social media attention.

You can get the quality localization the business needs, without the wait of traditional services.  We've made translation modern.

Enter Lilt 

At Lilt, we're bringing the best of both worlds together.  The speed and reliability of machine translations.  The quality and nuance of the best human translators.  And a cost that's reasonable.  You don't have to make a difficult choice for translation services any more.

Human In the lool

We can accomplish this because we use AI to augment the worlds best translators.  We're here to make a localization project easier than you thought possible.  We've built a system that works.

Don't get Left Behind

If your company doesn't properly expand, you can count on your competition doing it.  Tapping into the world wide market is a growth rocket.  This is why growing companies trust Lilt.

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