Ascend 2020 Cheatsheet Bundle

Takeaways from Lilt's Annual Localization Conference


At Ascend 2020, the localization community took a hard look at the past, present and future of the industry. Lilt invited speakers from all view-points, like localization leaders from ASICS, Intel, Canva and academics from Oxford and NYU. As the conference evolved, there were a few common themes that emerged during discussions: how to create or refine efficient processes while maintaining quality and the custom equation to successful scaling. Each speaker touched on this directly or indirectly, but it was always mentioned.


Want more learnings and takeaways? Enjoy this cheatsheet bundle where we have combined the three major Ascend 2020 Cheatsheets. Each cheatsheet contains the distilled information and takeaways from the conference. Download this Ascend Cheatsheet Bundle by filling out the form on this page now.


In this Ascend 2020 Cheatsheet Bundle, you will:

  • Dive into the role of AI and automation in Localization
  • Explore how to build a localization strategy that scales
  • Look ahead to the future of localization

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