Translating Success: How AI is Changing the Enterprise Landscape

Watch the recording of this webinar, where our panel of AI and Localization experts shed light on the mystery surrounding LLM and Contextual AI. Walk away with strategies to transform the way you execute localization.

Why AI, Why Now?

Language is at the heart of many businesses, and as companies expand globally, the need for accurate, efficient, scalable localization has never been more critical. With the rise of Contextual AI and large language models, such as ChatGPT, there are exciting new opportunities to revolutionize the localization process and unlock significant benefits for companies of all sizes.

Watch Lilt's 90-minute AI session as we bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI technology, experienced linguists, and your business needs, as well as bring on a few speakers who have revolutionized the industry.

Session 1
AI image

GPT-4 & LLMs: Impact
on Translation for Enterprises

Are you excited about GPT-4, ChatGPT, and possibly AI presence in localization? You're not alone. We're bringing together an expert panel to discuss the future of translation work, augmented by AI-powered technology & human adaptive feedback. Walk away with an understanding of how ChatGPT is trained, how it compares to traditional MT systems, and a foundation for your global programs. 



Spence Green | CEO


Andy Jolls | CMO


Sarah Sandberg | Senior Product Manager

Session 2

Ask the AI Experts: What’s Under the Localization Hood?

This technical session will unveil the “black box” behind localization AI. Join researchers and data scientists as they dive into the inner workings of large language models and generative AI, while exploring how these tools can be leveraged for translation and content creation.



Brittney Benchoff | Head of Product


Joern Wuebker | Director of Research


Tim Gallant | Senior Staff Fullstack Engineer

Session 3
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Connect with the Translation Community: The Future of Work with AI Technology

Once AI was viewed as a threat to linguistic work. Now, Lilt offers a clear vision for how linguists and AI together can offer unparalleled benefit to linguists and customers alike. Join this session to understand how this mutually beneficial relationship will effective synchronization with the growing demand for translated work.



Andy Jolls | CMO


Andreas Laursen | Director of Program Management


Jesse Rosenbaum | Head of Business Development, GOV

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