[AI DAY Summer 2024]

AI Tools into Daily Business Operations

LILT’s newest Q2 platform updates are here! Watch this webinar recording for exclusive access to groundbreaking features that will elevate your global reach.

Enterprise Translation Just Got Smarter

Our team spent Q2 crafting next-generation AI & LLM features just for you! Watch this webinar recording to unlock:

  • Workflow Wonders: Discover brand new functionalities to streamline and automate enterprise localization workflows.

  • Quality & Data Control: Witness new enhancements in the LILT platform that enable next-generation data insights and quality management.

  • Bonus! Real-world Success Stories: Hear from the Head of Localisation at Mintel, as they share how LILT’s platform skyrocketed their translation workflows.  

Session 1
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LILT Platform New Product Enhancements

LILT AI translation platform just got a MAJOR update. Tune in to learn about new features including advanced AI and program analytics, enterprise domain access controls, AI agents for assignments and content quality review, AI-powered review with style guide integration, universal file configuration, and much more.



Spence Green | CEO & Co-founder | LILT

Vignesh Headshot

Vignesh Rajendran | Senior Product Manager | LILT


Mariusz Ciesla | Senior Manager, Product & Design | LILT

Session 2
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Learn with Mintel Mintel Masters Content Translation

Join this session to explore how Mintel, a leading global market agency, transformed its translation workflows through the strategic adoption of an AI-powered platform. We will delve into the challenges Mintel was facing, their implementation journey, and the future outlook of integrating AI into existing translation workflows.



Xiao Xiao | Head of Localisation | Mintel


Alex Low | Sales Manager, EMEA | LILT

Session 3
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Enterprise Readiness The Future of Work is Multilingual

As AI becomes more accessible, accurate, and cheaper to train, the adoption of a centralized platform offers unparalleled benefits across industries. We'll share how the integration of AI translation platforms will boost work productivity, open doors to new markets, and empower teams to focus on higher-value tasks.



Spence Green | CEO & Co-founder | LILT


Sam Taylor | Business Operations Manager | LILT

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