[AI DAY Spring 2024]

Multi-modality, Enhanced LLMs, and Content Generation!

LILT unveiled our latest Contextual AI platform features releases from Q1, with powerful new tools to enhance your global communications. Watch this recording to get exclusive first access!

2024 Enterprise Success with AI

LILT’s team has spent Q1 preparing groundbreaking features in our AI and LLM technology. In this upcoming release, we’ll showcase our brand new multi-modal functionalities (text, image, audio, and video translation), enhanced capabilities to surpass standard translation quality and speed, and content generation tailored to resonate with diverse audiences.

Watch this 90-minute webinar recording as we share the latest in innovation for AI translation. Whether you’re a language expert, global business leader, or technology enthusiast, this recording promises a glimpse into the future of multilingual communication.

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LILT Platform Update LLM Leaps Forward Through AI Advancements

The team behind LILT's Contextual AI platform has been hard at work making remarkable enhancements to the system's AI capabilities. We are thrilled to announce the launch of new platform features, refined research on our expansive large language models, and a brand new homepage for linguists.


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Spence Green | CEO and Co-founder | LILT


Joern Wuebker | Director of Research | LILT

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Multi-modality + Enhanced AI Where Technology Meets Translation

Our innovative enhancements are engineered to maximize your language workflows with unprecedented efficiency. Some releases include new features to measure translation quality, LILT Create turbocharged for greater performance, and more robust API integrations. Plus, we're excited to introduce game-changing multi-modal features that no other AI solution can match.



Sarah Sandberg | Senior Product Manager | LILT

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Vignesh Rajendran | Product Manager | LILT

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Enterprise Readiness Bulletproof Your Data and Workflows

AI translation just got more powerful and secure! We've bolstered our platform with advanced security features to protect your data, and released API documentation to empower seamlessly integrate translation magic into your existing workflows. Imagine setting up automated translation pipelines directly within your favorite systems – the possibilities are endless.


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Vignesh Rajendran | Product Manager | LILT


Jay Donahue | Product Manager | LILT

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