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Unveiling LILT's New Platform Features: Activate Your 2024 AI Strategy

LILT officially unveiled the latest multi-modal features in our Contextual AI platform, designed to set your enterprise up for unparalleled success in 2024. Register to watch this webinar recording!

2024 Enterprise Success with AI

LILT's team has been hard at work preparing the latest feature releases in AI and LLM technology that will revolutionize enterprise language strategies, workflows, and processes. Our product managers got on the virtual stage to share how our power-user customers are excelling at AI. 

Watch this recording and see as we unveil our latest innovation: game-changing features designed to empower complex workflows with unprecedented capabilities that will set up for success in the coming year. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. 

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Multi-modal Mastery: Unveiling LILT's New AI Platform Features

The team that built LILT’s Contextual AI Platform is back with new and improved cutting-edge AI capabilities to deliver enhanced language models. With a new multi-modal approach and a better translation system, tune in to understand how our visual orchestrator enables a more comprehensive understanding of nuanced translation across various content types. Explore the scalability of our AI platform, designed to scale with your enterprise's evolving language needs. 


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Spence Green | CEO and Co-founder | LILT


Vignesh Rajendran | Product Manager | LILT


Sarah Sandberg | Senior Product Manager | LILT

Session 2
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Next-level Efficiency: Scaling Translated Alerts with a Bespoke AI Solution

Our new features are engineered to boost efficiency in your language-related workflows. Hear from the NWS’ Automated Language Translation lead that uses LILT’s AI platform to reduce the time it takes to translate content from difficult languages from 1 hour to less than 10 minutes. From document translation to real-time communication, our AI platform is tailored to elevate high-volume enterprise productivity and streamline complex workflow processes. 



Phil Stiefel | Director - DoD, APAC, and FedCiv | Lilt


Monica Bozeman | Physical Scientist & NWS Automated Language Translation Lead | NWS


Angel Montanez | Information Technology Officer | National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Session 3
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Managed Platform Capabilities: On-prem Features, OCR, and Operating With Security

Join us for an exciting and groundbreaking session as we showcase our latest releases around multi-modal functionality, OCR capabilities, security certifications, and model orchestration. Our expert team will share how LILT's Contextual AI Platform will redefine the landscape of multilingual content creation and answer technical or AI questions from the audience.



Omar Orqueda | VP AI Research and Engineering | LILT


Jay Donahue | Sr Product Manager | LILT


Jules von Nehammer | Sr Director, EMEA, Public Sector | LILT

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