[AI DAY FALL 2023]

Moving Beyond the AI Hype: Deploying AI at Scale Across Your Business

Making Enterprise Translation AI-ccurate, AI-ffordable, AI-ccessible.

The team behind Lilt’s enterprise AI translation technology shared an exclusive platform release, equipping business leaders with the tools to empower their global strategies. Watch this webinar recording for a chance to see how large language models (LLMs) and Contextual AI can optimize your program. 

Why AI, Why Now?

In an interconnected world, global communication is on the rise and seamless multilingual content translation is in high demand. This webinar announced a game-changing platform that will make implementing AI easy and affordable, allowing enterprises to xperience a new level of multilingual communication!  

View this webinar recording for an exclusive look as we unveil our latest innovation: an AI-powered translation platform poised to transform the way the world’s largest enterprises approach language barriers.

Session 1
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Exclusive Release Unveiling Lilt’s New Contextual AI Platform

Our technical experts will get on the virtual stage to share a sneak peek into the platform’s newest innovative features, sharing exclusive tips on how power-user customers are excelling at AI. Lilt specialists will share how our technology outperforms traditional translation methods and revolutionizes translation workflows. Enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and speed in translation processes can help business leaders tailor multilingual content to their industry-specific needs.


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Spence Green | CEO and Co-founder | Lilt


Jay Donahue | Senior Product Manager | Lilt


Vignesh Rajendran | Product Manager | Lilt

Session 2
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Optimizing Your Content Quality with Bespoke Large Language Models

Our new cutting-edge LLM capabilities will redefine how enterprises translate content. Diving into the depths of AI models, the researchers behind our latest large language model release will reveal how enterprises that don’t yet have an LLM strategy can quickly develop and implement one. Discover how comprehensive language programs can scale without adding headcount, save program costs, and improve employee and workflow efficiency.



Brittney Benchoff | Head of Product | Lilt


John DeNero | Chief Scientist and Co-founder | Lilt

Session 3
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Hear from Leaders: Executive Fireside Chat with Lilt’s Co-founders

Lilt’s co-founders will lead this fireside chat exploring underlying AI models and their capabilities. They will address challenges and misconceptions surrounding AI-powered translation, and dive into measurable benefits such as cost savings, accelerated time-to-market, and improved communication. This is the first time LLM interchangeability, streamlined fine-tuning, enhanced observability and reporting, and self-serve model building will be available in one comprehensive enterprise solution. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a blueprint to scale your organization’s multilingual content needs.



Spence Green | CEO and Co-founder | Lilt


John DeNero | Chief Scientist and Co-founder | Lilt

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