Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption

We had an outstanding response to our first AI Day event, and we're delighted to continue the series! 

Watch this recording to hear why Box and ExecOnline deliberately chose to be early AI adopters and what strategies helped them reach their goals.

Why AI, Why Now?

AI has been dramatically impacting translation during the last ten years, yet numerous organizations are still having trouble with including it in their translation tactics. The potentials for AI in translation are practically limitless, and organizations can capitalize on this quickly developing technology if they act fast.

Tune in to hear from enterprise organizations who will share key insights on how to run a successful AI translation program, as well as investigate the forthcoming opportunities of AI-driven translation in the corporate world.

Watch this recording to gain insight into the potential of AI in the field of translation, as well as the challenges that come with implementing this technology. Attendees will gain:

  • A clearer comprehension of AI translation tools and best practices

  • Learn how to create an efficient AI translation strategy for their organization

  • A rare opportunity to ask enterprise business leaders how they navigate the intricacies of complex processes  across multiple teams, languages, and tools 

Session 1
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Prioritizing Quality AND Quantity: Enhancing Accuracy in AI Translation

This technical session will explore common challenges and pitfalls in AI translation and provide practical strategies for enhancing accuracy and quality. Lilt specialists will share a sneak peek into the latest advancements in AI technology, including exclusive copyediting features. Whether you are a content marketer, localization lead, or business leader, this session will share insights into how you can optimize your AI in your workflows to guarantee precise and superior translation.  


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Spence Green | CEO and Co-founder | Lilt


Sarah Sandberg | Senior Product Manager | Lilt

Session 2
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From Good to Great: How to Ensure Accurate In-Context Translation with AI

Known for their powerful business collaboration tools for everything from contracts to spreadsheets to videos, Box wanted to make global collaborations more efficient and decided to partner with Lilt. Join two global leaders for this discussion around AI-driven services that facilitate global collaborations, including but not limited to: streamlining translation and communication, personalizing the global customer experience, and automating countless workflows.  



Edwin Hoogerbeets | Senior Globalization Engineer | Box


Allison Yarborough | Chief of Staff | Lilt

Session 3
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Creating Future-Ready Leaders: Delivering High Quality Results Every Time

ExecOnline, a platform offering leadership development solutions, was aware that content translation was fundamental to their business offerings, and needed to get their team ready to scale content translation. Their Associate Director of Content Localization Sought out a partner that could drive up productivity in a new and innovative way - by incorporating the combination of linguists and AI via In-Context Learning. 



Zac Westbrook | Associate Dr, Content Localization | ExecOnline, Inc.


Morgan Raymond | Sales Manager | Lilt

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