Transforming Government Translation with AI

Watch Lilt's 90-minute webinar on-demand to understand the impact of technological advantages that AI can have on national security and language accessibility. 

Why AI, Why Now?

In today's globalized world, government agencies and public sector organizations face an ever-increasing demand for accurate and efficient translation services. The need for vast amounts of multilingual content, ranging from sensitive documents to external communications, presents significant challenges without the assistance of AI technology.

Watch the webinar recording to learn from experts in the field and equip your organization with the knowledge needed to embrace the future of translation services.

Listen as localization and AI experts explore the following key topics across three sessions: 

  • Advantages of implementing AI-powered solutions to improve efficiency and enhanced accuracy

  • Explore how AI solutions can meet the highest standards for safeguarding sensitive information

  • Discover how AI translation platforms can easily integrate into your existing workflows and systems, facilitating seamless adoption across your organization

Session 1
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The Power of AI-enabled Translation: Boosting Efficiency, Speed, and Accuracy

One of the main challenges government and public agencies face is keeping up with the sheer volume of content that requires translation. With a limited number of linguists on their team, keeping up with demand while maintaining accuracy and consistency has led these organizations to explore AI solutions. Tune in to understand how large language models are trained and how Lilt compares to traditional MT systems. 



Jesse Rosenbaum | VP of National Security | Lilt


Sarah Sandberg | Senior Product Manager | Lilt

Session 2
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Ask the Security Experts: Enhancing National Security

Organizations involved in national security require high-quality translations for sensitive intelligence documents, inter-agency communications, and more. Ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive information is a top priority for the all governments alike. Join this panel of top officials, who will provide guidance on researching, evaluating, and selecting the ideal AI translation solution for organizations focused on national security.



Evadne H. | Innovation S&T | UK Law Enforcement


Julian von Nehammer | Sr Director, Public Sector & Enterprise Growth | Lilt

Session 3
Illustration - Hand Translation

Scaling AI Language Capabilities at Home: Civilian AI Translation Projects

AI-driven translation platforms offer numerous advantages for emergency communications and other civilian use cases, including faster translation processing, increased accuracy, and support for a wide range of languages. The National Weather Service (NWS) selected Lilt's AI-driven translation platform to enhance public safety and ensure US citizens have access to the information they need to stay safe during emergency situations.



Monica Bozeman | Physical Scientist, Project Manager | National Weather Service


Phil Stiefel | Director DoD, APAC, and FedCiv | Lilt

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