Make your research and materials available to the entire world.

Lilt was born in an academic research lab, which is why we support and encourage its use by universities and their students.

We offer a partnership program for educational institutions instructing in Translation, Interpretation, and Localization. The program seeks to further research on machine translation and translator productivity by giving free access to qualified professors and students.

We offer a free business level license to the university. You can create an unlimited number of translator and project manager (PM) licenses. These have to be school email accounts.

You can use Lilt as part of a course, you can offer it to students in other translation courses for homework, coursework or research projects. Same for the department faculty.

We may in the future ask your students/staff to share their feedback, opinion, reviews of our system via a blog post or some other submission (this is voluntary and does not have to be favorable, of course). We think this is also great for the students: they can develop and enhance their academic portfolio by producing a professional discussion piece.