2018 was a big year for localization and translation.

We celebrated the end of 2018 by releasing a massive upgrade to Lilt's state-of-the-art Adaptive MT engine. But in a year that also saw our company launch a complete solution for enterprise translation, that's just the latest in a long list of improvements we made to Lilt this year.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 11am PST, co-founders Spence Green and John DeNero took attendees through the latest advances in our technology, and how they deliver high-quality translations 5x faster than was previously possible.

If you're looking to turn translation into a competitive advantage for your business, let us show you how we can help.

Watch the recording!

Here's some of what we covered...

  • The newest update to Lilt's Adaptive MT Engine, now even faster and more accurate
  • Why we began offering managed services on top of our software, which features enterprise-ready language coverage spanning 29 languages, 50 file formats, and 26 app connectors
  • Our translator talent advantage. Why we only work with the top 1% of translators for managed services, and how that helps us record industry-leading translator happiness scores
  • How a customer cut their cost-per-word to 2 (two!) cents
  • Our product roadmap for the future, and how the community can help us guide it
  • We'll be sure to leave time for Q&A!