We want to create an environment where our teammates and translator partners can do the best work of their careers.

Why Lilt?

We want to create an environment where our teammates and translator partners can do the best work of their careers.

Many of our teammates have spent over a decade working on the goal of universal information access. This isn’t a job to us. It’s a calling. We love nothing more than recruiting talented peers. Join Us

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We’re a multi-national company with offices in Europe and the United States. We believe broadening our team and cultural experiences improves our products and services.
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Who We're Looking For

We seek teammates who share our values:


The tricky combination of humility, grit, and competence (i.e., professional excellence). Competent people are never satisfied; they always want to improve. While they may need organizational structure, they rarely need motivation.


Find a way. We look for people who are independently motivated and resourceful. They get things done in spite of adversity. They are self-managing.


Those who stay will be great. We’re working on a big problem that will take some time to solve. We need people who will persevere.


No jerks. We value manners and tact. We believe that it’s important to treat all people (colleagues, customers, service providers) respectfully and courteously.


We hire service-oriented people who represent the company well. Every person that we hire reflects our culture, mission, and values.


We hire people who care about solving core problems for humanity, of which natural language understanding generally and language translation specifically are two significant examples.


We like to hire people who have a personal connection to the problem of language barriers. Maybe they have a relative who doesn’t speak English. Maybe they struggled to attain a professional level of proficiency in another language.

Working & thriving go hand-in-hand at Lilt.

International Off-Site

International Off-Site

Twice a year, we get our San Francisco and Berlin offices together for our “Snackathon.” Locations alternate between Europe and the United States.

401k Package

401k Package

We even match a portion of your contributions to help you save for your retirement.

Full Health Benefits

Full Health Benefits

Employees receive coverage of medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Professional Development Budget

Professional Development Budget

Buy some books. Attend a conference. Take a class. Whatever you feel will help you do your best work!

Meaningful Equity with Competitive Salary

Meaningful Equity with Competitive Salary

We know money isn’t everything. We also know that it’s hard to do your best work when you’re stressed about making rent.

“Lilt fosters an environment where I'm able to do my best work. I'm constantly inspired to innovate, driven to grow, and challenged to think critically. Leadership's investment in each employee has resulted in a brilliant company, of which I'm beyond proud to be a part of.”
Morgan Raymond, Sr. Sales Development Representative
Morgan Raymond
“I’m so lucky to be in a company whose leadership listens, whose team is smart and dedicated, and whose product could bring meaningful change to the world. It’s great to feel that everyday I learn and grow with the company.”
Shirley Xu, Customer Success Engineer
Shirley Xu
“Starting as a translation student in 2015 I've watched the steady growth of technology in the industry and can say that Lilt is perhaps even further ahead of its competition today than it was at its inception. Working with Lilt has been a dream of mine from the first time I used the product and I am thrilled to make that dream a reality.”
Brent Summers, Customer Success Engineer
Brent Summers
“Although challenging, it has been very enriching and satisfying. My opinion has mattered from day one and my work has impacted deeply in the company. Together with a very supportive mindset, I love the recognition we all get from the work that we do. The working environment communicates very openly which also makes the time difference to be barely noticed.”
Juan Cabello, Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Juan Cabello
“Being a researcher at Lilt has been, and still is, the most rewarding professional experience of my life. We get to do cutting-edge research to solve our users' real world problems, and at the same time participate in the fast-turnaround development and deployment cycle of a fast-growing startup company. You can directly experience the impact of your work on the product and its users, while also being encouraged to add to public knowledge by publishing your findings.”
Joern Wuebker, Director of Research
Joern Wuebker
“What makes Lilt great is the people. All of which are unique, inspiring, selfless, share humility and the same passion for building, learning and developing something great. We are cultivating a true community of hard-working individuals that operate with conviction daily.”
Nick Feeney, Sales Manager
Nick Feeney

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